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Pwllywrach Farm is a family run farm situated in Colwinston in the Vale of Glamorgan. Denis & Averil Edwards moved to the 120 acre Twmpath Farm at Colwinston when they married in 1954, where they began by milking 20 cows. Their son Richard joined them in 1972 and their grandson Christopher in 1997. The farm has steadily grown over the years, moving from Twmpath to the purpose built Pwllywrach Farm in 1972. In the ever-changing face of agriculture the 120 acre dairy farm at Twmpath has become an 800 acre beef and sheep farm.

The farm now supports a large herd of Aberdeen Angus cross suckler cows on which their own pedigree Aberdeen Angus bulls are used. The cows calve outside during May and June and the calves remain with their mothers until they are almost 12 months old. During the winter the cattle are housed in barns, on a diet of home grown grass silage, hay and barley.

The best of the heifer calves are retained for replacement cows with the remaining 2 year old cattle sold either to Waitrose, or through the farmers markets. These cattle are taken in our own trailer to a small local slaughterhouse ensuring short journey times, familiar handling and minimum stress at all times.

The sheep flock comprises of 1800 Welsh Mountain x Mule breeding ewes, which lamb outside from late March through April, the lambs remain with their mothers until they are sold.  Once again the best ewe lambs are kept as replacement ewes each year, and the remaining lambs are sold to Waitrose & Sainsbury’s

We farm using a traditional free-range method with the animals grazing on permanent grass in open fields with trees for shelter. All our livestock benefit from a healthy 100% natural feed that contains no GM products, antibiotics or growth hormones.

The farm is an approved member of FAWL (Farm Assured Welsh Livestock) which is the symbol of excellence in livestock welfare.

Why not assess the results of our traditional farming practices yourself and enjoy the taste of food produced the natural way?

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Pwllywrach Farm, Colwinston, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan CF71 7NJ Tel: 01446 771033 or Tel/Fax: 01446 775270
Email: myf.edwards@googlemail.com